Japanese Fur Burgers

length: 148 minutes
release date: 2011-03-14
studio: Third World Media / Asian Eyes
starring: Asari Shirahama, Noriko Kago, Yuna Hirose, Yuki Minami

All Cream Pies, All Hairy and Totally Natural Young Japanese Babes with Grassy Knolls Between their Legs!! Loads of Fur, Titty Fucking and a Shower Scene for Every Girl. With English Subtitles with On and Off Feature.

"High quality" and "Made in Japan" are synonymous with many things, including burgers. Many people wrongly assume that America is the "home of the hamburger." However, in actuality, that is not true. Instead, it is the purely organic, home-made and wholesome Japanese Fur Burger filled with loads of special sauce that are revolutionizing the culinary world!!

Japanese Fur Burgers- Directed by Ed "Hair Ball" Hunter

Asari Shirahama is a sexy young chick with a very round face and long dark hair. She is a horny girl who loves her sex. Her skin is white and very soft and extremely sensitive to the touch. Her main menu item is a medium rare, charbroiled, high quality, organic and extra juicy Japanese fur burger. Our man pokes one finger, then a couple more to check her temperature inside, as her wooly mammoth fur coating is certainly doing its job on the outside. Her burger fills with J-juices, before her mouth gets crammed with a stiff J-dog. She showers and washes her tiny tits and furry slice, before our guy gets a stab at her prize. She screams, squeaks and moans, as she gets it real good. We finish her fur burger off "animal-style," with a thick, white mustardy coating that oozes from its fleshy center.

Noriko Kago is young, cute and really bushy downstairs. She is a bit shy and timid but starts to warm as her fur is petted and her burger is stroked. She giggles as she sucks cock and nibbles on some balls too as a healthy appetizer. She has larger, firm young tits with perfectly round and stubby nipples that stand on end. Her furry burger is two toned in color with a darker outer shell and slightly pink center. As with all Japanese Fur Burgers, this girls is served up hot and sweating with organic juices. She gets the Japanese super vibe treatment, before getting a Japanese corn dog buried between her legs and a mouthful of man-ass for desert. We top her burger with a special white sauce, made only in Japan and perfect to enjoy your traditional Japanese fur burger with. The white sauce streams down to her ass and beyond, as our guy attempts to mop up all the excess.

Yuna Hirose is no spring chicken and enjoys her beef to come only from Japan. Her hair is long and her smile is cute. Her tits are large and her J-vag is wildly hairy and all natural. Two fingers easily make their way inside her, as her juices start to flow and the super J-vibe makes its debut. Her queefing cunt starts to cum, before she jumps in the shower to clean up a bit before enjoying a full course menu featuring her very own furry burger. She uses her big tits to fuck his rod with, before laying back and getting her meat minced Japanese style. She gets it in several positions before our chef adds his special sauce to the recipe, which quickly drains from her battered burger straight down to her booty.

Yuki Minami is playing dress up like a nurse today. She has a bit of a nervous smile and is not the prettiest J-babe on the planet, but her dick and ass licking skills, along with her willingness to please a man, more than make up for that. Her tits are all natural and smaller with just enough cleavage to slide a bit of cock between them. She has always sported a super furry J-burger, but recently she shaves a bit of the lower region leaving a smaller, but long and grassy northern knoll on top. She cums and orgasms again and again, as a pink mini vibe warms her package up for some meat packing. She screams, yells and goes madly insane as our guys cock crams her and she takes a solid ride on his bbq spear. She uses her own hands to spread her thick butt cheeks wide open, allowing easy access to her fuck hole from behind. Her burger goes from raw to well done in no time and gets cooled down with a splash of J-juice to top things off. She showers, washes inside her and pulls out all the excess jizz still clinging to her long pubic pasture.
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