Teen Japan #6 : Luna, Azusa Miyagawa, Anri Kurata, Ran Enomoto

starring: Luna, Azusa Miyagawa, Anri Kurata, Ran Enomoto
length: 108 minutes
release date: 2010-05-10
series: Teen Japan
studio: Third World Media / Asian Eyes

Teen Japan #6 is a very special edition in this great series. Today we introduce Luna- Third World Medias sexy young Starlet who has taken the Japanese AV world by storm and has now started spreading her pleasure to the entire world through Teen Japan and Third World Media.

1. Luna tells us what a good girl she was when she was young. She sits on a sofa with a super mini-skirt on, giving us a good peak at her crotch and panties. She pulls out her vibrator and shows us how she enjoys pleasuring herself. She starts with her tiny titties and large peach toned aureola, which she gently massages before spreading her white skinny legs and massaging all around her neatly shaven fuck hole. She keeps her area exceptionally clean, but is kind enough to leave all remaining J-grass long, natural and uncut for hairy fans like you to still enjoy. Her tight asshole is polished clean too. Her young J-juices dribble on her panties and head downstream and into her butt crack. She uses her long manicured nails to rub her clit and comb through her long J-grass with. Her clit is highly stimulated, as she moans and rubs it, working herself into an orgasm frenzy followed by a nice bit of post coital orgasms and a puddle of J-juice on the floor.

2. Luna has a date with a guy. She offers to show him and all of us too the inside of her apartment. On the way back to her place she ducks behind a building and gives us an exhibitionists look at her tits and lovely nipples too. Her breasts are perfectly round and hand sized for optimal fun. She strips down to her underwear and gives the entire world a close-up of her pretty J-fur and protruding clit. She likes to tease guys and is not at all shy about her desire to want to fuck. She grabs for his cock and quickly teases it with her pretty long finger nails, before he grabs for her panty line and exposes her bulging clit. He stuffs a finger or two into her well oiled hole, before letting his tongue suck up all her flowing juices. She teases his cock tip some more before building up her smaller cleavage for a simultaneous titty fucking and cock sucking session. She is erotic well beyond her young 19 years and this girl totally knows what a man likes. She licks dick and sucks balls too. She teases the tip and massages nut. She lays back for a stiff cramming that sets her clit and tiny nipple tips pointing outward, stiff and hard. Her skinny frame sucks up his J-meat as her asshole puckers, crying out for even more. She shakes, moans and whimpers as she hops on top and self propels herself to a thrusting, pounding ride on his shaft. Her bright pink vaginal insides are very inviting and this guy takes full advantage, as he offloads a thick one straight inside her pink flower. His pollen drips from her puss and down to her still puckering anus.

3. Azusa Miyagawa is laying on a bed rubbing her mostly hairless hole. She is young and she has yet to establish the lower extremity grooming skills that her friend Luna has. She has a cute black mole to the right of her slice and a slightly smaller one to the left. Her insides are bright pink, almost neon in color as she shines brighter as a guy extracts her slimy J-slush. She uses a tiny pink vibrator to get herself off with before switching to larger more high powered device to get off even more. That too was not enough so she grabs one more even bigger one that gets her going crazy. She grabs for his wang and starts to suck it while playing with his nipples too.

Her fuck box is tight and small and her thick J-slime really makes a lot of noise as his piston drives its way in and out of her. She loves watching herself getting fucked in the camera screen and handles her first cream pie like a champ. Her mole covered butterfly sucked his cum up and coughs up the entire load in one large splash.

4. Anri Kurata is a fashionable young J-chick with a lot of style and a nice set of tits too. She has been fucking since high school and figures she must have had at least 30 guys so far. It is easy to see why guys are attracted to this young fuck slut. Her big tits and thick ass are only a start. Her sappy J-slice is the true prize as our lucky guy gets a thorough taste. They do 69 as she shows off her polished cock sucking skills. Her pretty hole and thick butt cheeks are soaked with her extract as he easily penetrates her soaking slit. She massages her own clit as she handles the shaft well. He bangs away and pulls out to cum all over the inside of her deep ass crack. The massive amount of cum drips down her ass and back into the spread wings of her flowery vagina. From there it flows down, coats her pubic region and puddles up on the wooden floors.

5. Ran Enomoto is young and very cock curious. She massages wang and licks man boob real well. Her tiny frame is young, fresh and tight and her textbook titties are perky and crying out to be licked. She loves the munching our guy does on her moderately furry J-vag, but not nearly as much as the finger he uses to flush out her excess slush. She is a screamer and a shouter too, as she gets plugged from behind wild turkey style and finally from on top, as he deposits a watery one all over the side of her face.

Introducing Japanese AV Superstar Luna with her Tight Young Body and Very Puffy Nipple Tips!!! All Bareback!! All Natural J-Grass, Fresh J-Flowers and lots of Pollination Too!! Long Nail Art Fetish!!! Outdoor Exhibitionism!! Cream Pies!!! Female Ejaculations and Lots of Fresh J-Slush!!! English Subtitles with On/Off Function! Cumshot Recaps, Photo Gallery, Trailers and Third World Media Online

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